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Apply now. Do not hesitate, the Summer is close. Some groups have already booked a dates.

Booking and paying in advance-10€ per person

We guarantee lower prices and chosen by you period of staying for everyone who books until 10.03.2021

No participation tax

You have to leave a phone for feedback!

Please if you cancel your participation or you will come later in the hotel due to some issues notify the organizers over the phone

Thank you in advance

Registration to participate

– a program that lasts up to 20 minutes, allowing artists to participate in different programs;
– performing with live orchestra, USB or CD / professional sound or synback;
– The ability to exhibit with defile through the streets of resorts at the request of teams;
– there are no restrictions on age, themes and styles;
– the order of participation is determined by the organizers and will be listed on the festival website;
– requests are received online with the correct contact, telephone number and email address;
– stay costs are at the expense of participants;
– learning a common folk song and circuit for the final concert;

No participation tax!

You have to leave a phone for feedback!

You can apply over phone, email and social network


Hotel Star Club Sunny Beach

Youth summercamp Star Club in Sunny Beach, swimming pools, sports fields, 4 meals a day … performance on the city stage … Only for 22 Euro per night. The price includes accommodation and 4 meals per day on a buffet. The concerts will be in the centre of the town or on the stage in front of the hotel.

Hotel Sofia Kiten

A 3 star hotel with waterpool, next to the beach. Only for 22 Euro. The price includes accommodation and 3 meals per day. The concerts will be on the amphitheatre stage in Primorsko